Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Incorrigible Smart Card

What the hell is their problem? Smart cards?! I’m on the verge of freeing myself from this godforsaken place; a matter of a mere few months. What on earth am I going to do with a “smart card”? Frame it and hang it on my bedroom wall? And strip the wall bare of everything else, even the paint, because now I’m going to have the oh-so-awesomely-cool smart card on it. I mean, of what use will it be to me anyway after I leave this screwed up college? All year we’ve been requesting for better food in the canteen and, quite recently, an academic subject of our choice (since that’s the whole point of having ELECTIVE subjects). We’ve begged for mirrors in the restroom for crying out loud!! But nooooo!! Who cares if a few hundred students are writhing in pain because of food poisoning or if your future is bright enough with the detailed knowledge about milking cows (that was pretty much the main content of our ‘elective subject’)? All that matters is that now you can strut around with the stupid smart card stuck to your forehead. It’s the ULTIMATE solution to every problem you’ve every faced or going to. Why? Because now you can check attendance status and find out your internal marks with the help of the incredible smart card. Ooooo...!!! let my best friend, who’s puking her guts out because she had canteen food, go to hell for I’m on my way to salvation with the sacred knowledge of my divine internal marks.

The Deterioration

This place with all its power and bounty was given to the human kind. We lived up to our sentient quality by exploiting it and creating a world where one has to hunt lest he becomes the hunted, or tumbles unless he brings his own down and finally when he thinks he has gained success he has lost himself. This ruthless world is his own creation and he is now struggling, repenting, regretting, and trying desperately to find a way out. Evil and material power comes easy to him and he cowers behind their merciless prowess.
The deceitful and cunning are the ones who are the most afraid; people who use the evil facade and thrive by holding onto their paranoia.
The weak hearted are the ones who have realised their purpose, have separated good from evil but do not have the will to stand up to any kind of tyranny. They simply fade away under the sheer number and power of the ruthless rulers.
And the lost are the ones who have realised that any evil can be beaten by their faith, morality, virtues, patience and hope, but they also know that they were too late. They are the wise ones who weren’t wise enough. Humanity has been clobbered to death by humans and the wise have lost themselves in this irony.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The ramifications of an addled mind.

It’s absurd to see how man has evolved from one civilisation to the other throughout the centuries, kept the world running on an instilled philosophy, among many others, of never giving up; of striving hard until a goal is reached. A lot of success, achievement and a drive to move onward in the most trying of situations that demand for extreme adaptabilities have been possible due to the implementation of this deep rooted philosophy. It has made human beings live up to their uniqueness of being the only ingenious species in the world, possibly the whole universe. But sometimes one wonders if this never-giving-up trait of man is the only solution to grab whatever he desires but is just out of his reach. The seemingly undauntable concept does prevail because of the existence of its opposite, doesn’t it? Just as there’s good because there’s evil. It exists as an alternate option that a person can wilfully choose. Yet, that choice is always his last resort and in some instances he doesn’t allow any ground for that choice at all. In general he would resort to it only after a long, painful struggle that leaves him with nothing instead of getting him what he wanted. I wonder, then, what would happen if we could just give up once in a while...
I know this feeling; the feeling of desolation, hopelessness and sorrow. The feeling when you’re desperately trying to find answers in the intricate maze of mind and end up running into blank walls, dead ends, every time. And the fact that this feeling is so familiar makes it even more painful to bear, more tangible, more lasting. I find it easy to succumb to it, drown in agony, and lose myself never to be found again. The pain it inflicts on my heart, mind and soul is enormous, worse than the worst battering a body can take and still continue to breathe. For the physical torture could eventually stop and the body could slowly heal or it could all end in a blissful darkness of death. This feeling, however, would never cease to exist and it would never allow any other feeling to prevail. It feeds on my strengths and thrives with my weaknesses. It makes me surrender to it readily lest I resort to the path of self destruction.