Thursday, February 11, 2010

The contest

Hey people! I've come to know of THE BLOG CONTEST from a friend's blog. It's been organised by The Colors Magazine. You've to submit your best blog entry that you made in the month of January and submit it according to the simple procedure that is mentioned in the site. For exact details just click on the link. I hope you all take part in it. It'll be fun! :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

The unforgettable

A cool ethereal beautifully pleasant night

Calls me to its irresistible velvety embrace

The lone, yet mighty, moon reflects serene light

Casting a silvery glow on my face

Under the moonlit, cloudless, starless sky

Everything seems to be so quiet and calm

Only the night-birds hurriedly fly by

Their silver wings weaving through silvery charm

A soothing wind blows, Oh! So gently

Afraid even to rustle leaves that greet its way

As if, in its stealth, it is listening intently

To what this particular silent night has to say

I close my eyes and savour this breeze

That caresses my skin and teases through my hair

Undaunted by darkness, unhindered by trees

Regardless of the moon that still shines on with flair

As the minutes and hours melt into this enigmatic night

And the blackest shadows get bathed in a silver haze

The darkest of corners are rendered bright

The sinister figures diminish as if in a daze

Witnessing this sight my soul is comforted

As the wonders of the night never intend to cease

Soon, day will arrive, reminding decisions regretted

For now, nonetheless, I’m strangely wonderfully at peace