Friday, April 30, 2010

The baring

Come night and the deafening silence instills in me
A loneliness I believe only you can dispel
Like the lone moon I am, dimming until dawn, bleak and grey
Like a star I become, with you beside me, never alone, delightfully sparkling away

Hush my love, the seas have calmed at last
The tempest has abated, your worries are now things of the past
The pain has faded, your heart is now undone
Bare your mind and our thoughts will set sail as one

A conscious riot of battling words define my waking hours
People are a blur as life surges ahead alongside daylight
Dusk arrives with the promised slowness that finally lays thoughts bare
Until darkness beckons and I surrender blissfully to the night

She had walked inadvertently into the haze of his mind
Uncertainty plagued her and there was no night and day
But his heart did turn to her leaving qualms far behind
Illuminating his famished soul and lighting her way
Through the mist they saw each other and he finally found himself
Their thoughts unravelled relentlessly and all barriers were slain
A world they build where inevitably met and dwelt
Where hearts opened up and they fell in love all over again

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The contest III

Hello bloggers!! Another fine opportunity to display your creative talent. Do enter the Blog Contest.