Monday, October 24, 2011

The sunshine girl

A light of wonders paints a rainbow in the skies
So does your ready smile and that glint in your eyes
Maybe there's a story or a secret to be told
Share a new adventure or some memories of the old

Laughter tinkles and spreads like a wildfire
Douses all the anger and abates all the ire
Trivial seem the sorrows and the senseless fears
When we laugh, silent and hard, crying happy tears

Your heart ceaselessly searches for any taint of despair
To wash it away with prayers and concern and care
At times you come seeking comfort and advice
Giving me a chance to put back the rainbow in the skies

A thousand seasons change within a moment on your face
You're a colourful soul, many worlds filled in one place
If this beauty were to outwardly glow
Heads would turn, hearts would stop everywhere you go

To some you're a confidante, a kind friend to some
Oblivious you're of the blessing that you've become
A light of wonders so pure and bright and whole
Let your colours spread and shine on my soul