Thursday, December 9, 2010

The stellar reach

Do you know beyond the rising moon
A star awaits to sparkle soon?
Yearning to shine, unwavering
Far more than just a traveller’s boon
She dipped into the sea of night
Embraced the dark with much delight
A cold fire that burned with grace
Neither daunted nor out of sight
A guiding light, a gift so pure
A loyal friend, so firm so sure
A Divine sign for those who ponder
A lover’s hope, a poet’s lure
Beheld her, the child, eyes agape
A diamond on a smooth black cape
That child was I, a child no more
With life to mend and dreams to shape
Yet now I gaze into the sky
Watch her as eons pass her by
Untouched by them will she remain
While I will age, wither and die