Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Dusk

Deep on the horizon, built of the hottest of fires
Burns with the last of its might like the fiercest desires
Layers upon layers of heavenly magic it weaves
Beckoning to the darkness, for the other side as it leaves.
Shimmering and languid rivers, like lava they flow
Bathed in soft saffron, trees like embers aglow
Orange in the forests, glittering rubies in the sea
Golden in your hair, as fiery eyes gaze deeply at me.
Hypnotic hues melt hearts by kindling fires within
Enrapture us with fables that don’t end, only begin
Surreal painted skies none but Divinely contrived
Gifting us a moment whence a mythical autumn has arrived
Come, revel in this wondrous, painfully short hour
Ablaze with all its beauty near the shift of power
If tomorrow’s promise breaks bringing darkness and gloom
With the last blazing sunset on our souls we will enter our doom.