Thursday, September 27, 2012

The redemption

Sing me a lullaby deep into the night
Take me by the hand through the dark
Hold my world while the dreams take flight
Soaring and plunging, until sings the lark

You listen to my pleas with pitying eyes
You grant my wishes thinking me frail
I'm flawed, not frail, without fondness for lies
For indeed there's only truth in this sad tale

Your songs don't reach the abyss of my mind
Where nightmares mock at the guilt of my dreams
Not a fear they dispel, nor an end they find
Where my world only falls and the lark only screams

Yet give me no promise of a dawning hour
But bind me, chain me or just let me be
I will curb my desires, rob myself of power
When was I ever of this world to be free?

If my soul from sins can only darkness keep
Then a thousand sad tales I will live, and die
As long as you hold my world when I sleep
As long as you sing me your lullaby